Tips and tricks for a successful system implementation

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Define your objectives

Ensure you have clearly articulated your objectives and goals. What do you want to achieve?

Choose the right solution for your organization

Not all systems are the same and not all clients have the same requirement. Some will have complex union agreements, while others may only have white collar employees. Take your time and bring in experts who can help you with system selection

Identify and Involve all stakeholders

Your stakeholders are more than just the obvious, and unions all play a part. Make sure they are aligned and engaged. Although this is a new system Implementation, your processes will also change, be open to the idea of changing processes that you are used to

Identify your team

You will need a strong Project Manager, Subject Matter experts, someone to coordinate data, a testing expert and an expert in change management. Make sure they are aligned with the objectives and have the required capacity. I have seen many a project delayed or go live with poor quality as the team lack expertise and or capacity. Ensure you backfill project roles

Data and Testing

often overlooked. These are complex areas and sufficent attention and resources must be in place from the start. Your new system will need data in a specific format, cleansed and mapped. Your testing should be thorough and cover your unique processes. Do not cut corners here!

Continuos Learning

Every system at launch is flawed! Learn, adapt and drive further efficiencies. Please do not assume your business process stay as they are. This is an opportunity to drive significant business process improvements as well

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