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Are you a Kronos Workforce Central customer wondering when to make the move to Workforce Dimensions? Are you worried about the business impact, the team that you have to put together and are you holding back worried about the potential disruption?

Indeed, it will be painful if you fail to plan. We at Qubit HCM believe the right first step is to build a migration roadmap, make an inventory of key functionalities and engage a partner with the required expertise

Key Considerations

Consider your current functionality:

Look at the functionality you currently use in Workforce Central and when it will be available in Workforce Dimensions. Not everything may be the same

Think about new functionality:

Consider what new functionality you should adopt. While there will be a lot of focus on new functionality delivered in Workforce Dimensions, don’t lose sight of features and functions that you never got to use in Workforce Central. Do you know the power of Advanced Scheduler? Activities? Likely not

Reconsider business processes:

Understand the business processes that will inevitably change with the new application. Migrating to Workforce Dimensions gives you the opportunity to rethink the way that you implemented Workforce Central. Is it time to include a capability on your roadmap that wasn’t part of your original implementation?

Consider the technology change:

Workforce Dimensions is based on D5, a new, cloud-based technology platform. Moving from Workforce Central to Workforce Dimensions will change your current architecture. Integrations need to be ported from Workforce Integration Manager to Dell Boomi, Workforce Dimensions’ new integration layer.

Plan for the future: What happens if you’re not ready to migrate for a year or more? Your roadmap should include plans to enhance your current Workforce Central environment in the meantime.

To Conclude

Building a successful roadmap requires deep knowledge of both Workforce Central and Workforce Dimensions, as well as your organization’s unique needs and workforce management strategies.

Consider working with an experienced partner like Qubit HCM to help you bridge the knowledge gap and develop a roadmap that works for your organization.

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